# Live Git Workshop for New Developers

Welcome to the Live Git Workshop for New Developers!

In this 2-hour session we'll aim to get you ready to use and collaborate with Git. You'll learn about:

  • The different layers in a Git repository;
  • What a commit is, and how to make commits;
  • What a remote repository is, and how to push your commits to one;
  • How to undo commits;
  • How to make and use branches effectively;
  • How to merge your branches together;
  • How merge conflicts can happen and how to deal with them;
  • How to temporarily save your changes without discarding them or committing them;
  • What Forks are, and how to use them;
  • What Pull Requests are, and how to make them;
  • What Issues are, and how to use them;
  • How to write GitHub documents using Markdown.


The video link will be here (soon).

The notes are available here: https://git-workshop.tecladocode.com (opens new window)

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